Monday, August 13, 2012

Review: Awake at Dawn

Awake at Dawn (Shadow Falls #2), by C. C. Hunter. The GoodRead’s summary:
From the moment Kylie Galen arrived at Shadow Falls Camp, she’s had one burning question: What am I? Surrounded by vampires, werewolves, shape-shifters, fairies and witches, Kylie longs to figure out her own supernatural identity…and what her burgeoning powers mean. And now she’ll need them more than ever, because she’s being haunted by a new spirit who insists that someone Kylie knows—and loves—will die before the end of the summer. If only she only knew who she was supposed to save. And how…

But giving Kylie the most trouble is her aching heart. Gorgeous werewolf Lucas left camp with another girl, but he’s still visiting Kylie in her dreams. And Derek, a sexy half Fae who’s always been there for her when she needed him, is pushing to get more serious—and growing impatient, especially when Lucas returns. Kylie knows she needs to decide between the boys, and it’s tearing her up inside.

Yet romance will have to wait, because something from the dark side of the supernatural world is hiding in Shadow Falls. It’s about to threaten everything she holds dear…and bring her closer to her destiny.
To be perfectly honest, I probably wouldn’t have found the motivation to keep reading this series if my sister hadn’t given me a copy of the second book. It’s not that the first book was bad by any means, it’s just I’m not big on series, and the first book, while being enjoyable, didn’t really grip me.

But, I don’t know, I kinda got into this second book. I think it’s because Kylie’s finally accepted her supernatural-ness in this one, so she’s not annoyingly walking around going, “I couldn’t possibly have supernatural powers,” despite all evidence to the contrary, like she was doing in the first book. Plus, in this book I found Kylie’s developing powers pretty interesting and got more invested in her quest to find out what she is. I also thought this book was a little more humorous than the first, which is always a good thing, and I loved Socks, her kitten-magically-turned-skunk.

The love triangle still gets on my nerves though. I have not been in the mood for love triangles recently, and I just cannot bring myself to care whether Kylie ends up with Lucas or Derek. But I do love the romance between the two camp leaders, Holiday and Burnett. I would totally read a book just about those two because I think they’ve got great chemistry together.

Overall, this series is turning out to not to be half bad. I mean, it’s definitely no Vampire Academy, but by halfway through this second book, I found myself getting into the story more than I thought I would.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Read my review of the first book, Born at Midnight, here.


  1. I'm totally with you about love triangles. I've actually started steering away from books that sound like they have one in they synopsis. It's been making me cringe recently. Maybe I'll like them again in the future. Haha.

  2. I'm really glad to hear you're getting into the series. =D I fell in love with the first book, but haven't read the second yet. I really need to catch up! Great review. =) I hope the next one is even better for you.

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