Friday, July 8, 2011

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Blogger Confession: What's the last book you could not finish? (or had a hard time finishing?)

I used to feel obligated to finish a book, but recently, if I put a book down and don't pick it up again, I've stopped feeling guilty about it. I still do feel bad about quitting books that have been recommended to me, but I find myself getting over that too.

The last two books I couldn't finish:

-"Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side," by Beth Fantaskey: This book was recommended to me by a couple of my sisters, but I just couldn't finish it for some reason. I think it was probably my hangup about paranormal YA holding me back.

-"The Fortunes of Indigo Skye," by Deb Caletti: I've been reading a bunch of Deb Caletti recently, and I've generally enjoyed them, but this one had me skimming about half-way through then quitting around three-fourths. It was a little too predictable for me.

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