Monday, July 25, 2011


Let's face it, I LOVE "Jane Eyre." I love it in all its forms: the original book (basically, one of my favorite classics), the movies (who could decide whether Timothy Dalton or Toby Stephens makes a better Rochester?), the musical (pretty sure I could sing every song from memory). I even managed to like "The Wide Sargasso Sea" (a prequel to "Jane Eyre" by a different author) based solely on the fact that it was related to "Jane Eyre."

I just really, really, really like "Jane Eyre." It's something about the way that Jane is quiet and reserved but still unfailingly stands up for herself and what is right--something I really connected with when I read it for the first time in high school. And of course I adore Mr. Rochester--one of those literary heroes that I feel like I should hate for being such a jerk but love anyway.

Anyway, back to "Jane," by April Linder: I was basically in love with the book before I read it, based solely on the fact that it was a modernization of "Jane Eyre." So when I got it, I started reading the book as soon as I got out of work--while I was still walking to the bus stop, actually. So guess what I was doing for the next five hours?

Already knowing the story of "Jane Eyre" by heart, I obviously wasn't held in suspense by the basic storyline. Rather, I was drawn in by my curiosity to see how Lindner modernized the story. And can I just say that the book met all my expectations? I really couldn't have asked for more.

Basic storyline? Jane Moore, forced by her parents' deaths to drop out of college, becomes a nanny for the famous rock star Nico Rathburn. I was impressed over and over again at how Lindner managed to keep all the elements and characters of "Jane Eyre" that I know and love but put her own spin on them. The only transformation that I rolled my eyes at was her naming the dog Copilot (the original dog's name is Pilot).

As I was reading, I kept trying to imagine what I would think of this book if I had never read "Jane Eyre." And I honestly don't know what I would've thought. Because the main reason I love this book is that it parallels "Jane Eyre" so well without getting boring. My thoughts as I was reading it were basically always along the lines of "!!!Lindner did that part perfectly!!!" or "!!!I didn't think Lindner would be able to pull that off, but she totally did!!!" "Jane" is definitely going on my list of favorite books.

So, in case you couldn't tell, um . . . I REALLY recommend this book. Even if you’re not a huge “Jane Eyre” fan, or if you’ve never read it, give this book a shot--because I think it’s completely wonderful in its own right.

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