Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Reading Challenge

I used to love the library summer reading programs when I was growing up. They were so easy: I just had to list the books I read that summer (which I was going to read anyway), and I would get prizes for it. I still love summer reading programs, and I join the adult one at my local library most summers (the summers I remember to sign up before the deadline, that is).

Recently, I saw The Awesome Awktopus Summer of YA Lit Challenge on, loved it, and decided to do it. The basic premise of the challenge is to pick as many mini-challenges as you want off the list of ten, then complete them by August 31.

So here are the six challenges I'm doing and the books I'm reading to complete them:

2. Start and finish a series or trilogy: "The Summer I Turned Pretty" series, by Jenny Han (I just finished the first, and I'm so ready to read the other two.)

3. Read that book. The one that you’ve been meaning to get around to for forever: "Eat, Pray, Love," by Elizabeth Gilbert (Okay, not YA, but I seriously have had this book sitting on my shelf for FOREVER.)

6. Read the book you’ve been avoiding because of hype: "The Goddess Test," by Aimee Carter (Everyone says it's so good . . . but, well, can it really be that good?)

7. Read a book published before year 2000: "Summer of My German Soldier," by Bette Greene (This one could've also been my pick for #3, so we'll see how it goes . . .)

8. Read 3 stand-alone books by the same author: Deb Caletti (I really liked "The Secret Life of Prince Charming," so I'm going to give some of her others a shot.)

9. Read a summer-related book: "Moonglass," by Jessi Kirby (I'm not actually sure if it takes place in the summer, but it does involve the beach, so I'm counting it.)

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  1. Great list. I've only read Eat, Pray, Love ~ which I thought was okay, but not great. I think it would have made a great New Yorker article :)

    Moonglass is on my list too, it sounds great.

    Happy Reading


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