Friday, June 17, 2011

Sarah Dessen

After years of avoiding Sarah Dessen books, I finally gave in, and as much as I hate to admit being wrong, I loved the books I read. I don't really know why I was so opposed to Sarah Dessen, especially since she's my friend's favorite YA author. I think it was a combination of someone telling me they didn't like her books and a misunderstanding about the plot of "This Lullaby." But now, after reading four of her books in a row, I have to say that she's becoming one of my YA favorites. I love that her main characters all deal with complex issues that take some serious work to overcome. I also LOVE that her secondary characters aren't static--they jump off the page as much as the protagonists and don't always do what you expect them to.

Here are the Sarah Dessen books I've read so far in the order that I like them (with 1 being my favorite so far):

1. Just Listen
2. The Truth about Forever
3. Keeping the Moon
4. This Lullaby

Actually, "Just Listen" and "The Truth about Forever" are basically tied for first, but since I finished "Just Listen" last night, it's on my mind more (also I might like the love interest in it slightly better). But really, all the books are close contenders--I adored every one of them.

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