Friday, June 17, 2011

Sharon Shinn

New author that I love: Sharon Shinn. She's one of the fantasy staples, but I never got around to reading anything by her, mostly because I'm not a huge fantasy fan (besides YA fantasy, which I of course LOVE, and stuff by Robin McKinley). So I finally read one of her books.

I started with "Archangel," which I've heard good things about. And let me just say, that book totally rocked. Seriously. So now I'm converted to Sharon Shinn. I've also now read "Jovah's Angel" and "Angel-seeker," two more books in the same series as "Archangel," and I'm slated to read the rest of the series (two more books), as well as "The Shape-changer's Wife," "Summers at Castle Auburn," and "Mystic and Rider" soon. I'm really excited actually.

So, really, if you're looking for some good fantasy (if you don't mind it being a little girly) try Sharon Shinn.

UPDATE: 10/14

So at this point I've finished "The Shape-changer's Wife," "Summers at Castle Auburn," and "Mystic and Rider", and they are all ridiculously wonderful. I just want to hug them all.

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  1. Mystic and Rider is by far my favorite. I still need to read Summers at Castle Auburn. I'm a huge Shinn fan as well. :)


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