Friday, June 17, 2011

A certain milestone

Yesterday, I hit (and surpassed) the 100-book mark on my to-be-read list. On the one hand, I'm like, "Yay! Look at all these good books out there that are just waiting for me to read them!" And on the the other, I'm all, "100 books!?! How did I ever fall that far behind on my TBR list? How am I ever going to be able to get my hands on all those books?" (Answer: I fully plan to inherit a mass fortune from some unknown relative who'll bypass all my 7 siblings to give me the money.) I feel like I need to have some sort of celebration for this 100-book milestone. Maybe I'll commemorate this moment by buying a book off my list? But that leads to the question, which one? Because I totally have like 15 books tied for first place on my sub-list of "Books I Desperately Want."

And BTW, my TRB list doesn't even include that 50-book-strong bag of books I got from the book sale a while ago, the books I have waiting on my Kindle, or the other random books people have recommended/loaned to me. I have some serious reading ahead of me.

Oh, P.S., Sarah Dessen's new book, "What Happened to Goodbye," comes out in a week! All the pre-release reviews of it have been pretty positive, so I'm looking forward to the release even more. My goal is to finish the two Sarah Dessen books ("Dreamland" and "Lock and Key") I haven't read yet before the new book comes out.

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