Monday, March 5, 2012

Review: One Night That Changes Everything

One Night That Changes Everything, by Lauren Barnholdt. The GoodReads summary:
After learning her ex-boyfriend Cooper only dated her on a dare, Eliza Sellman makes awful allegations about him online. In retaliation, Cooper steals the notebook she writes all of her fears and goals in, and demands she do everything on her secret list--in one night.

This kind of book is such a guilty pleasure for me—you know, the YA contemporary romances that require absolutely no brain power? I just love them so much.

And this was a fun one. Eliza has to do some of the things she’s always wished she was brave enough to do over the course of the night, and as painful as it was for her, it was plenty entertaining for me. And Eliza was totally relatable, because her fears were so normal, like asking a stranger to dance or singing karaoke or kissing a boy she’d crushed on forever. They’re things that would make me nervous too, so it actually made me think a little about what things stupid fears are stopping me from doing.

Cooper, Eliza’s ex-boyfriend, is a cutie—kinda a little whipped but likeable all the same. He’s definitely one of those guys that could only exist in fiction. Eliza’s always yelling at him and trying to pick a fight, and I’m pretty sure not many normal guys would stick around for that. But in context of the story, I’ll admit he was a little swoony. And Eliza’s friends are fun too—they’re a little stereotypical, but they’re there for her and help her out, so I can overlook it.

Overall, it was a really entertaining book. Basically zero thought is required to read it, but who doesn’t need that kind of book every once in a while?

Rating: 3/5

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  1. Zero thought books are my favourite. Give me a no brainer any day. I wonder what that says about us? Don't you wish YA guys were real? I know I've never met any guys who would stick around for a lot of yelling. This book sounds so cute.


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