Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Favorites: Teen Idol

On Fridays I post a little shout out to one of my favorite books and explain why I love it so much. It gives me the chance to fangirl over books I never reviewed on this blog and lets me post about some non-YA books I love.

Which book?
Teen Idol, by Meg Cabot

Contemporary YA

Summary? (From GoodReads)
High school junior Jenny Greenley is so good at keeping secrets that she's the school newspaper's anonymous advice columnist. She's so good at it that, when hotter-than-hot Hollywood star Luke Striker comes to her small town to research a role, Jenny is the one in charge of keeping his identity under wraps. But Luke doesn't make it easy, and soon everyone—the town, the paparazzi, and the tabloids alike—know his secret...and Jenny is caught right in the middle of all the chaos.

When did I first read it?
Freshman year of college, I think—2005-ish.

Why did I first read it?
Because I adored Meg Cabot. At the time, she was the only YA author I knew of that wrote books I liked with characters I could relate to (obviously this was before my YA obsession hit), so she was basically an auto-buy at that point.

What did I think about it then?
I just wanted to be BFFs with Jenny. She’s good people, ya know? As much as I loved Cabot’s books, her characters had a tendency to grate on my nerves a bit, so I liked that Jenny didn’t annoy me at all. Plus, I liked that there was a bit of uncertainty about which boy she was going to end with. Basically, it was the perfect YA for me at the time.

What do I think about it now?
It’s still my favorite Meg Cabot book. And since Meg Cabot was essentially my introduction to YA, this book kinda represents the beginning of my YA obsession. But besides that, I still love the story, and Jenny remains my favorite Cabot heroine.

Have you read Teen Idol? What did you think? What’s your favorite Meg Cabot book?


  1. GAH I love this one! I think it is my second favorite, though -- my absolute favorite is Avalon High (not the GN version -- I haven't ever read that one. Just the original)

    1. Avalon High is really great too! It's definitely in my top 5 Meg Cabot books. Did you ever see the Disney Channel movie based on it? It was fun but NOTHING like the book.


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