Monday, February 20, 2012

Sometimes Blogger makes me grrrrr

Recently I haven't been able comment on any blogs that are based in Blogger (including replying to comments on my own blog), no matter what "profile" I try to use to comment. So that's why I haven't been commenting on some of the blogs that I normally do. I'm still reading them though! I keep hoping that this problem will magically sort itself out, because I have zero idea how to fix it. Has this happened to anyone else before, or does anyone have ideas of how to fix it?


  1. I've had this problem before. When you sign in try unchecking the 'remember me' box. This is the only thing I have found that helps.

    1. Sorry - it's the 'Stay Signed In' box. Make sure it is unchecked.

    2. I had the same thing happened to me, just make sure you don't have the stay signed in setting on.

  2. It's ok,never met this problem


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