Thursday, August 11, 2011

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Q. How has your reading habits changed since you were a teen? or If you are still a teen what new genres are you in love with currently?

Now I read YA fiction, like, non-stop, but when I actually was a YA, I didn't read it at all. It's probably because my hometown library didn't have a good YA selection--they had Sweet Valley High, and that was about it. So I read Sweet Valley High, of course, but I mainly read classics, mysteries, and romance novels. Actually, I think 99 percent of the classics I've ever read, I read when I was 16 or 17. So I guess in a way it's good that my library didn't have much in the way of YA--I would've read way less of the classics otherwise. I think it's funny, though, that when I was a teen, my taste in books was more adult, but now that I'm an adult for real, I read teen books way more than anything else.


  1. That's actually really cool! I'm a teen now and I really wish that I could get into classics, but I'm stuck on YA (because it's so darn good!). I guess I'm extremely lucky to have a library that's so updated! :)

    I'm an old follower!

    Hope you have an awesome weekend!

  2. Just sayin a quick hello! Happy Follow Friday!! I'll follow, you'll follow, lets all follow! lol! I love this way too much! : )

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  3. I didn't get much reading done in my teens either. But it was more due to high school beating the reading-love out of you.

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  4. I wish i could get into the classics, so many people i've met on here rave about them but i have yet to actually start :( I think i'm just hooked on the YA drug.
    Bad luck about the library, i'm pretty lucky to have one with it's own YA section *heaven*
    Stop by if you can, i love meeting new people!
    Have an awesome weekend :D

  5. I'm so glad libraries these days are finally getting a good YA section together! It changes so much :)

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  6. I loved Sweet Valley High!!!! But I didn't go that far back on my post. YA is, of course, amazing!! Great answer :)

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  7. New follower here just hopping through!

    I don't think there were as many great YA books when I was a teen as there are now. The YA market has just exploded with some awesome books in the last few years!


  8. Sounds like me. I read YA now but didn't when I was a teen.

  9. Hopping through. How sad about the lack of books. I had a great library as a teen but I didn't take advantage of it like I would now.
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  10. Hi there,
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    Have a great weekend!

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  11. I'm a fellow SVH reader in my teens :D

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  12. I'm the same... I never read YA fiction as a teen, but now I love it!

    New follower! :) This is my first Follow Friday!

    Lisa @ Lost in Literature


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