Monday, February 6, 2012

Review: Stork

Stork, by Wendy Delsol. The GoodReads summary:
Sixteen-year-old Katla LeBlanc has just moved from Los Angeles to Minnesota. As if it weren’t enough that her trendy fashion sense draws stares, Katla soon finds out that she’s a Stork, a member of a mysterious order of women tasked with a very unique duty. But Katla’s biggest challenge may be finding her flock at a new school. Between being ignored by Wade, the arrogant jock she stupidly fooled around with, and constantly arguing with gorgeous farm boy and editor-in-chief Jack, Katla is relieved when her assignment as the school paper’s fashion columnist brings with it some much-needed friendship. But as Homecoming approaches, Katla uncovers a shocking secret about her past — a secret that binds her fate to Jack’s in a way neither could have ever anticipated. With a nod to Hans Christian Andersen and inspired by Norse lore, Wendy Delsol’s debut novel introduces a hip and witty heroine who finds herself tail-feathers deep in small-town life.
I think what I liked best about this story was how unique it was. I mean, the usual elements of YA were there (new town! insta-love! mean popular kids!), but it was based on Nordic folktales, which made it feel different from the plethora of mythology-based YAs that have come out recently. I found the whole stork society (yes, “stork” as in the storks who bring babies) fascinating. I do wish we could’ve spent a little more time with the society, and that Kat could’ve learned more about her role, but I’ll just have to take the time I got, I guess. I also loved the quirky old ladies in the society--nothing livens up a book for me more than quirky old people, as oxymoronic as that may sound.

I really enjoyed Kat--I think we could be friends in real life. She was sarcastic and funny and not annoying at all. She managed to take all the changes life threw at her in stride, without getting all mopey and woe-is-me. Yay!

Her relationship with Jack wasn’t my favorite ever--mostly because it was one of those “yes, I hated you yesterday, but today I love you!” situations. Plus, Jack acted really weird for most of their time together. There was definitely a reason why he was acting like that, but I don’t know why Kat never thought his behavior was strange--I would’ve been like, “Dude, what is going on with you?” pretty much after the first time he freaked out.

The big, climactic end scene seem really random and out of the blue to me. At the end of it, I was kinda like, “Wait. What just happened here? And WHY did it happen?” I have the feeling it was the author’s way of leaving something open for a sequel, but I would’ve appreciated it if she had worked up to the climax a little better.

Overall, the book wasn’t perfect, but I ended up really enjoying it--mostly because I liked the Icelandic folktale aspect and thought Kat was a fun character. Basically, there were enough things that I liked that I was willing to overlook the things that I didn’t. So if you see the book, pick it up--I think it’s worth a read.


  1. I love the cover to this, and the concept is so different...I really want to see more different mythologies being seen. But that romance really isn't my thing... I'll still give this a go though.

  2. Okay, stork society has got to be the weirdest thing I've heard in a while! And I like it. Thank goodness for not mopey heroines. I can deal with a lack of romance as long as the rest of the plot is well done. Random climactic scene...hmmm.

  3. Great review this sounds really interesting and original. I haven't seen this one much before but i'll be keeping an eye out I think i'd like this!

    Xpresso Reads

  4. I completely agree with your review! I thought the climax came out of no where too! But I still enjoyed it :P I'm looking forward to reading the sequel eventually! Curious to see what happens next!


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