Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The quote that's summing up my life right now...

Do you ever have those days (/weeks/months/years) when you just want everyone to leave you alone and all your responsibilities to go away so you can hole up in your bedroom and read for 48 hours straight? That's the point I'm at right now. Man, am I at that point. Whenever I'm feeling this way, I think of this quote, which is one of my favorites about reading:

"Most things people do seem to me to be rather dull and silly. In my ideal life I'd be left alone to read." 
-Dreamhunter, by Elizabeth Knox

Story of my life right there. 


  1. Love this line too-I saw another one that was kind of similar but of course it has left my mind. If I can remember it, I'll try to come back and share.

  2. Ugh, I hate feeling like that. I hope you get some reading time soon!

  3. I am in one of these phases right now as well. I keep thinking it will abate.

    It has yet to.


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